Welcome and Karibu to my world. Where everything revolves around food!


My name is Masuma; of Tanzanian Nationality, and Indian blood.

It all started at the small town apartment where we lived, the 5 of us. Because we were so closely knit, we spent most our time doing things together as a family. Sitting with mum when cooking dinner was a norm.Baking was an exciting event, and home made Indian sweets was a hassle. (still fun).

Because so much of my childhood was based in the kitchen, it was only natural for it to become a passion. I enjoyed watching mum swaying around so gracefully fixing something up so tasty yet beautiful, which always brought a smile to our faces.  I decided to study Culinary Arts.

Here is where I post up new things I try, including Food writing where I describe and show food through writing and where I store my beautifully photographed foods :).  I hope you enjoy going through this blog just as much as I do writing it!

It made me believe, that a happy belly makes a happy being.
And that is where it all began.



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